Newsletter: War of the Words

ozone layer
The war of words between the big powers continues and the climate is rather chill when China and Russia ask the USA and NATO to mind their own business. (Source: Courtesy of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center)
Dear High North News reader! The USA and NATO can mind their own business; that is the message from China and Russia. The two big powers vehemently reject western interference and continue going their own ways in the Arctic.

Bestiality was first killed by silence – now it should not drown at the hands of bureaucracy.

These are the words of High North News’ Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm.

It is about abuse, violence and neglect in a small North Norwegian municipality, and about what it takes to prevent future abuse. However, when even the final report is shrouded in silence because “we do not recognize” the image it paints, we cannot remain silent.

Our Editor-in-Chief is not exactly known for being silent about that which is difficult and hard. We all have a responsibility for those among us who are at risk.

Arne O. Holm
Tided of the fortunetellers in suits: Editor in Chief of High North News, Arne O. Holm
Will not be silenced: Editor in Chief, Arne O. Holm.

Small piece in a big game

This week, Norway won a seat in the UN Security Council following a long-lasting and extensive election campaign. Now, Norway must be clear about its own values and not become subservient to big powers, argues Bård Ludvig Thorheim, who chair the Norwegian Conservative Party’s international committee. (Norwegian only).

High North News has monitored international top politics closely this spring and we are not letting go quite yet. The war of words between the big powers continues and the climate is rather chill when China and Russia ask the USA and NATO to mind their own business:

The question of whether the commercial cooperation between China and Norway, Russia and other Arctic countries constitutes a security-related issue should be answered by the countries themselves, not the US”, says China’s Ambassador to Norway Yi Xianliang to High North News.

China’s presence

The increased security policy focus of China’s Arctic policy is definitely noted and we see the outline of a carefully crafted long-term plan for the country referring to itself as a “near-Arctic state”.

Kinas ambassadør til Norge, Yi Xianliang, under Kirkeneskonferansen 2020. Foto: Amund Trellevik
China’s Ambassador to Norway Yi Xianliang. (Photo: High North News).

Scientific presence in the Arctic does not only give China legitimate access to Arctic waters; it also provides it with the technical opportunity to map and monitor the region.

Russia warns that NATO’s increasing presence in the Arctic may come at the expense of peace and cooperation in the region:
Increasing Norwegian military activity and pulling NATO to the region is a direct route to undermining existing peace, stability and spirit of cooperation”, says Russia’s Ambassador to Norway.

The world’s canary bird

Covid-19 has not brought a halt to Russia’s largest windmill park. If you can build a windmill park here, you can build it anywhere, says environmental NGO Bellona.

The eyes of the world are looking towards the world’s canary bird. Climate changes currently taking place in the Arctic are a foretold catastrophe and scientists warn against the consequences of thawing permafrost in the Arctic.

And Norilsk Nickel argues that the disastrous diesel spill in northwestern Russia late May was due to abnormally warm weather and thawing permafrost.

Daria Shapalova
Dr. Daria Shapovalova is a lecturer in law in the University of Aberdeen. Photo from Arctic Connections in Rome, Italy 2019. (Photo: Trine Jonassen, High North News).
Are we ready: Dr. Daria Shapovalova warns about the thawing permafrost. (Photo: High North News).

Entrepreneurs on the ocean shore

This week’s cherry on top:

High North News packed its suitcase and went to Gildeskål on the North Norwegian shores of the Atlantic Ocean to meet the entrepreneur sisters Gøril and Frøydis Pedersen. The sisters want to make the world a warmer place and share the Arctic lifestyle through their clothing brand FOGG Gildeskål. They were recently selected to be part of the Norwegian Fashion Hub’s initiative “Wear Norwegian” and the pictures from our trip speak for themselves.

Wool, eternal ocean waves, midnight sun and true Arctic guts – it doesn’t get any better!

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Best regards,
Trine Jonassen
News Editor, High North News