New Fish Factory on Greenland: Will Improve the Region's Fishery Industry

Tasiilaq, Grønland
Tasiilaq is the largest city in East Greenland. The fishery is one of the biggest industries both here and in Greenland in general. The Greenlandic government emphasizes that it is important to ensure the development of both fisheries and jobs on the east coast of Greenland (Photo: Naalakkersuisut).

The fishery company Royal Greenland will be building a new factory in Tasiilaq as soon as possible. This will be an important step toward the development of the fisheries and employment opportunities on Greenland's east coast.

In exchange for coveted fishing quotas, the Greenlandic company Royal Greenland A/S will build a new fish factory in the city of Tasiilaq on Greenland's east coast.

The Greenlandic government, Naalakkersuisut, received several applications for tenders for the quota, of which the majority is for cod. However, the local government decided to award the quotas to Royal Greenland with the requirement that the company builds a factory in Tasiilaq as soon as possible.

The factory will employ up to seven people.

In a press release, Naalakkersuisut emphasizes that the factory is an important step toward the development of fishery and employment opportunities in East Greenland. The Greenlandic government writes that they want to ensure the development of trade opportunities and increased landings for the Greenlandic land industry.

"It has been very important for Naalakkersuisut to ensure the development of fishery and employment opportunities in East Greenland. I am therefore pleased that we can look forward to better trade opportunities in Tasiilaq," says Naalakkersuisoq [minister, journ.note] for fishery and hunting, Karl Tobiassen.

Furthermore, Royal Greenland is required to set up a temporary procurement option until the factory is ready. The allocation of quotas also depends on the fulfillment of the requirement for the establishment and operation of a procurement facility in the region.

Until now, the Arctic Prime Fisheries business has had a monopoly on the purchase of fish in East Greenland, writes the Greenlandic national broadcaster, KNR.

A new procurement facility therefore pleases Frede Kilime, the head of the fishing and hunting organization, who says to KNR that the fishers are fed up with how prices have previously been pushed down.

Royal Greenland is one of 12 companies in Greenland owned by the Greenlandic government.

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This article was originally published in Norway and has been translated by Birgitte Annie Molid Martinussen.