Lack of Doctors on Greenland

The number of inhabitants per doctor is three times as high in Greenland as in Denmark. That means that each doctor in Greenland must take care of three times as many patients as doctors in Denmark, writes Sermitsiaq.

"This means worse service for the inhabitants of Greenland and very difficult working conditions for doctors and other healthcare workers. If the problem is not addressed, we risk poor service, unacceptable long waiting time, and an increased risk of delayed and incorrect treatments," says Hans Christian Florian Sørensen, chairman of the Greenland Medical Association.

He believes the most sensible thing is to increase the grants and prioritize both the coast and Queen Ingrid's Hospital.

"It is something that will cost a lot of money and it will take time, but we should work towards a coherent healthcare system where there are good working conditions for all healthcare personnel. All to the benefit of the inhabitants of Greenland," says Sørensen.