Increased traffic across Norway's and Finland's borders with Russia

In July, 4,022 crossings over the Norwegian-Russian border were registered, and thus the number of travelers across the border increased for the third month in a row. So far this year, over 20,000 people have crossed the border at Storskog-Borisoglebsk, according to the Finnmark police district. This is reported by the Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Russia lifted its Covid-19 restrictions upon entry into the country from Norway and Finland on 15 July.

Norway removed the same type of travel restrictions upon entry this winter, but in June the Norwegian authorities announced tighter visa rules for Russians after a doubling in asylum seekers from Russia. Among other things, applications for tourist visas will, as a general rule, be refused. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also advised against all travel to Russia since 27 February, a few days after the country invaded Ukraine.

Finland lifted its Covid-19 restrictions upon entry on July 1 and issued over 10,000 visas to Russians during that month, writes. Currently, there is a debate in the country about whether it should stop giving tourist visas to Russian citizens, as the Baltic countries have done, The Guardian reports.