Iceland Expedites Airport Expansion in Corona Crisis Response

The Icelandic government has announced that the extension of Akureyri airport terminal and the airport apron will be among the projects that will start sooner than planned as a part of the response package to the COVID-19 crisis, according to RUV Iceland.

The project will be put out to tender this spring and it is estimated that it will create jobs for around 40 people locally. 

The Akureyri airport extension was not initially included in the five year transportation plan and last autumn people in the north of the country protested strongly.  Sigurður Ingi then said that the project had not yet been financed. 

In addition to the airport extension in Akureyri, the asphalt on Egilsstaðir airport's runway will be renewed as soon as possible. Five to six hundred million krónur will be spent to start these projects this year.