Hurtigruten Launches Electric Catamarans

Hurtigruten introduces quiet-running, electric and emission-free catamarans in cooperation with Brim Explorer, according to a Hurtigruten press release.

The catamarans, which are currently under construction in Norway, will have large battery packs, green technology and are specially constructed for exploring polar waters. The flexible vessels can be charged in almost any port and can run on batteries for 10 hours at 10 knops. In order for guests to explore nature and the fauna above and below water, the catamarans will be equipped with hydrophones (underwater microphones) and underwater drones.

Brim Explorer’s first ship, MS Brim, is to be launched in August 2019 and will be based in Lofoten (summer) and Tromsø (winter), whereas the other vessel, MS Bard, is to be operative from the spring of 2020 and will sail on day trips to places like Barentsburg, the Pyramid and other nature pearls from its base in Longyearbyen.