The High North Tour 2021: He Wants to Revolutionize Both Legislation and the Industry

Boy-Arne Buyle lives and breathes concrete - and is a bit of a politician too. (Photo: Arne O. Holm)

Narvik: Boy-Arne Buyle was heading home from his lab in Narvik when he spotted me. “I am the one you should interview”, he managed to say before I could hide in my mobile office.

“Who are you then?” I managed to squeeze in before being subjected to a speedy introduction to the most important material there is, according to Buyle.

“I am in concrete”, he said.

I had just finished a more planned and prepared visit to professors conducting 3D printing of metal in the building next door at the university. A long life in journalism has taught me to listen to enthusiasts and Buyle made the transition from 3D printing to concrete rather manageable.

The High Nort Tour 2021 kart: Narvik.
The High Nort Tour 2021 is here: Narvik. (Illustration: Iris Ørnhaug/Nord University)
The High Nort Tour 2021 is here: Narvik. (Illustration: Iris Ørnhaug/Nord University)

Senior Engineer Boy-Arne Buyle is one of those enthusiasts. And before knowing it, I found myself in a lab void of white overcoats.

Buyle lost his jacket before I knew it and collected one concrete sample after the other while going through the strengths and weaknesses of concrete as well as its significance for business in the North.

The answer to the Arctic climate’s merciless attack on bridges, ports and houses built of concrete is according to Buyle found here in Narvik, at the Institute of Construction, Energy and Material Technology in Narvik.

Boy-Arne himself claims to have found the solution to many of the problems with salt attack, amongst others, in Armenia.

Besides, he argues that current legal regulations stand in the way of innovation in the construction industry.

“Here at the concrete and aggregates lab at UiT Narvik, we are a national body taking part in all issues related to concrete and future development. In addition, we are closely in touch with the industry”, Buyle explains while collecting one sample after the other taken from a.o. port and road construction sites in the High North.

Find out more in the interview on top of this page. (Subtitles available in English.)

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This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by HNN's Elisabeth Bergquist.