The High North Tour 2021: The Coast-Based Tourist Industry Aims for Norwegians This Year Too

Kjartan Danielsen Carlsen and Vidar Carlsen in Nyksund on a day the weather chased them on shore. (Photo/video: Arne O. Holm)

The pandemic prevented foreign tourists last year, though Kjartan Danielsen Carlsen is happy that Norwegians too discovered Northern Norway. On the day when I visited Nyksund and Sea Safari Øksnes, only the weather stopped him from going out at sea.

The water was calm inside the breakwater of the old, unique fishing hamlet Nyksund. But on the outside, a storm was raging. The weather was bad enough to warrant an extra checkup on the moorings.

“Initially, we had a rather gloomy view of last year’s season and thought there would be far fewer people and a shorter season. However, Norwegians got the opportunity to see Northern Norway instead. In fact, our July last year was as good as three months of summer with international holidaymakers the year before”, says Kjartan Danielsen Karlsen.

Could be another good season

Now, he believes this year’s season may prove to be good too.

“Though we question whether there will be more Norwegians, or if they finished seeing Norway last year”, Carlsen says.

Watch the entire interview with the rib boat captain in Nyksund on top of this page. (Subtitles available in English.)

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This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by HNN's Elisabeth Bergquist.