Newsletter: Happy Holidays From High North News!

Merry Christmas

Dear reader; during this year's final work week, we met Finland's ambassador to Norway, covered the climate crisis and – as has become the new normal this year – security policy. You also get the Editor-in-Chief's thoughts served up in the form of the last commentary of the year.

This year's final commentary from our Editor-in-Chief takes on the refugee crisis. That is, rich people's flight to Switzerland, the voters from the government, and the northerners flight to the  south.  

"Norway is facing a refugee crisis hardly anyone saw coming," writes Arne O. Holm. 

NATO and Finland 

Finland's new ambassador to Norway, Teemu Tanner, can confirm the impression many have of Finland; 

"We are not worried but we are prepared," says Tanner in an interview with the undersigned about Finland's belligerent neighbor in the east. [Norwegian only] 

On the topic of security policy, we have also written about the U.S. Air Force, which has awarded a new maintenance contract for the Thule Air Base in line with an agreement to revert contracts to Greenlandic-controlled companies. 

The foundation for Sweden's new security and defense policy is to be laid by a forum for forming broad political settlements. 

Power and sanctions 

From January, Sweden will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the first major meeting of the presidency will take place in Northern Sweden.  

In Northern Norway, Elkem ASA announced that they are reducing production in Norway by temporarily shutting down two melting furnaces. High electricity prices are to blame. 

Western sanctions targeting Russia's shipbuilding sector are likely to result in a greater volume of Russian LNG flowing towards Europe starting in 2023. 

A bit of culture at the eve of the year;

In January, the Arctic will be showcased on the big screen during the Tromsø International Film Festival in Northern Norway. [Norwegian only] 

On behalf of the editorial staff, I would like to thank you for the past year. Thank you for all your input, shares, likes, and tips. And thank you for following us into 2023. 

It will undoubtedly be an exciting year, where we will once again hit the Arctic roads again with our mobile office under the High North Tour segment, among other things. 

We wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas, 

News Editor Trine Jonassen, Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm, Journalists Hilde-Gunn Bye and Astri Edvardsen, and Translator Birgitte Annie Molid Martinussen.