Greenland’s Naalakkersuisoq for Fisheries: Flounder Quotas will Shrink

“Our predecessors set the flounder quotas for the Disco Bay at a too high level”, says Greenland’s Minister (Naalakkersuisoq) for Fisheries, Aqqaluaq B. Egede from the IA part, according to KNR.

While the Nature Institute recommended a quota of 4,00 tons, it was set at 7,000 tons. Thus, biological advice was overrun.

Now, Greenland has a new government, and the Nature Institute has once again presented its recommended quota for next year: 4,346 tons of flounder.

Egede promises to set the quota close to biological recommendations, however, the ministry has not yet decided exactly what next year’s flounder quota will be. He says he will work for sustainable fisheries in Greenland, and that this might mean the flounder fishers will have to work differently from how they have been used to working up until now.