Greenland Shift about Billion Deal for the Armed Forces

Greenland’s Naalakkersuisoq [minister] for Foreign Affairs Pele Broberg (Parti Naleraq), says Greenland’s new self-rule governmetn has no interest in neither drones nor defense education in Greenland, which both are included in a DKK 1.5 billion Danish defense package, according to Sermitsiaq.

Broberg says the defense package has not been discussed with the newly elected government, which has a clear strategy about de-militarization and thus no interest in neither drones, defense education or Danish presence in Greenland.

The “Arctic capacity package” has set aside DKK 1.5 billion and last February, the parties of the Danish parliament Folketinget agreed on how to spend the money. Greenland has previously criticized the fact that the country, just like the Faroe Islands, has not been involved in the negotiations.