Greenland Party Wants Denmark in Charge of Health Again

The Atassut party in Greenland has suggested looking into what would be the consequences of Greenland returning the responsibility for health services to Denmark again, according to Sermitsiaq.

The Atassut party’s member of the Inatsisartut Bentiaraq Ottesen, argued back in June that Greenland is unable to mange health services anda thus must consider handing the responsibility for these services back to Denmark.

The proposal faces stark opposition.

Greenland’s Health Minister Anna Wangenheim argues in a note that a majority of the people in Greenland want independence, and that being responsible for an incrasing number of issue areas goes hand-in-hand with the process towards increased independence.

A majority of Greenland’s parliament Inatsisartut refused to approve the proposal, however, a majority nevertheless agreed to submitt the proposal to processing in the relevant committee.