Greenland Government Coalition Cracks

The Greenlandic party Demokratene [the Democrats] has left the ruling government coalition, according to Sermitsiaq.

Demokratene Leader Jens-Frederik Nielsen says the party leaves the coalition due to the chaotic conditions in its coalition partner party Siumut. “There is a great divide in Siumut and we never know what the party stands for. That is why it is hard to trust the party at present.”

Greenland’s self-rule government Naalakkersuisut is led by Kim Kielsen of the Siumut party. At the party’s latest annual meeting, however, Erik Jensen was elected party chairman. Demokratene’s exit from government also means that Steen Lynge leaves his post as Foreign Minister with immediate effect.

According to KNR, Siumut will continue leading the country with a minority coalition together with Nunatta Qitornai until the parliament, Inatsisartut, starts its winter session on Tuesday 16 February.