Government of Nunavut Fined $100,000 for Hudson Bay Fuel Spill

The Government of Nunavut has been fined $100,000 in connection to a fuel spill that occurred in Rankin Inlet in 2020, and was ordered to disclose details of the spill to Rankin Inlet residents, Nunatsiaq News reports.

The incident, which originated in a mechanical room at Maani Ulujuk Ilinniarvik High School in Rankin Inlet, started on the afternoon of April 16, 2020 and continued until the next morning when it was reported, according to a press release from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

It said approximately 18,400 litres of diesel fuel spilled, eventually making its way into Hudson Bay. It found the spill was the result of human error, during a manual transfer of fuel. That volume of fuel is equivalent to what it would take to fill 370 passenger car fuel tanks.

In addition to the $100,000 fine, the government was ordered to disclose the circumstances that led to the spill to Rankin Inlet residents and ensure all community members are aware of the incident and its potential impacts on the environment.