The Faroe Islands Keep their Issue Areas

Denmark has no plans about revoking issue areas from the Faroe Islands in relation to new legislation on critical infrastructure, according to Sermitsiaq.

On 13 May, the Danish Prime Minister announced plans about tightening legislation on cyber security, and telecommunications is now to be defined as critical infrastructure and to be a security policy matter.

On the Faroe Islands, which holds the rights to govern this area, this sparked discussions about whether Denmark is now interfering with an issue area that is the islands’ responsibility, or if it even might want to revoke the whole area.

However, Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen says Denmark wants to cooperate closely with the Faroe Islands in this area while also respecting the current distribution of power in this issue area.

Sjurdur Skaale and Edmund Joensen, the two Faroese members of the Danish parliament, Folketinget, are satisfied with the defense minister’s message.