Faroe Islands Declined US Offer of Corona Assistance

When the number of Corona virus infections grew in the Faroe Islands mid-March, US Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands called the Faroe Islands’ Chief of Foreign Policy Jenis av Rana to offer help, according to Sermitsiaq. Sands did not expand on what kind of assistance the US might provide.

Rana says to the newspaper that she responded that the Faroe Islands would accept the offer if they were to get into trouble. The Faroe Islands have tested a large part of its population for the Corona virus and thus had a high infection rate early on, however, the situation has always been under control.

Karsten Hønge, representing the Socialist People’s Party in the Danish parliament and spokesperson for the Parliament on Greenland and Faroe Islands issues is not a fan of the American offer.

He argues that the USA is playing a double game and says to the paper that Sands is an ambassador for a superpower looking for a stronger foothold at the Faroe Islands too.