Enthusiasts from Narvik: "We are the Champions!"

A happy bunch of about 40 people from the Narvik Region celebrating the conclusion from the Evaluation Commitee, appointed by the Secretary General of the Norwegian Ski Federation. The news from the Evaluation Commitee appeared Monday, as they were all atending to the conference Agenda Nord-Norge in Svolvær, Lofoten. And they want to host the FIS ALPINE WORLD SKI CHAMPIONSHIP. (Photo: Arne O. Holm).

And the CONCLUSION is:

Narvik has presented a concept that meets FIS` demands for alpine world ski championship.

"The Evaluation Committee strongly believes this candidate can win the international competition and bring the event to Norway. All race courses have excellent profiles in a very compact race arena in Narvikfjellet close to the city center. This compactness is – for FIS ASWC– a considerable advantage related to transportation, accommodation, sport organization, athletes, sponsors, media and TV-production, as well as the overall ski festival including the ceremonies. The spectacular sea and mountain backdrop and the noticeable regional enthusiasm and support are x-factors we trust will offer unique experiences and pictures that are beyond expectations. Narvik has provided a solid financing plan, showing regional financing will and ability, making it possible to choose Narvik as candidate despite high investment needs."

Congratulations to Narvik and their co-workers.

Update: On Monday 19 November, the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Skiing Association decided to chose Narvik as its candidate for the Championship. Narvik is thus the official Norwegian candidate.