Eirik J. Kristoffersen New Chief of Defense in Norway

Eirik Johan Kristoffersen og Frank Bakke-Jensen under presentasjonen av ny forsvarssjef
Eirik Johan Kristoffersen and Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen during the presentation of Kristoffersen as new Norwegian Chief of Defense
The current chief of the Norwegian army, Major General Eirik Johan Kristoffersen (51) was Tuesday appointed General and new Chief of Defense in Norway.

Eirik Johan Kristoffersen is a former Chief of the Home Guard, Chief of the Special Forces and has served extensively abroad. He is currently Chief of the Army. The new Chief of Defense comes from Bjerkvik, near Narvik, Norway and assumes his new position in August.

During Defense Minister Frank Bakke Jensen’s presentation, Kristoffersen said he looks forward to the job.

“It is a special time during which to assume office as Chief of Defense. On 13 May 1940, my hometown Bjerkvik was bombed during WW2. And last Friday, we celebrated VE Day. We have to look back, but also ahead, towards the insecure future we are facing”, Kristoffersen said.

Broad experience

Eirik Kristoffersen is a highly decorated soldier and Defense Minister Bakke-Jensen says he is very well pleased with the decision.

Eirik Johan Kristoffersen
Eirik Kristoffersen er ny forsvarssjef. Foto: Torgeir Haugaard, Forsvaret.
Eirik Kristoffersen is the new Norwegian Chief of Defense. Photo: Torgeir Haugaard, Norwegian Armed Forces

“Eirik Johan Kristoffersen has the right capacities for leading the Defense through the coming time. He has experience from international operations, he can refer to solid results as a leader and he is oriented towards future and change.”

Eirik J. Kristoffersen is currently Chief of the Army in Norway. He has experience from the Army, the Special Forces, the Joint Operational Headquartersand the Home Guard, as well as extensive experience from international operations. He is highly decorated for his efforts in Afghanistan.

It is a special time during which to assume office as Chief of Defense 
Eirik Johan Kristoffersen

“He has left a clear mark”, says the Defense Minister.

Highly decorated

The new Chief of Defense was also the one to initiate a female troop and through that female participation in the special forces.

“As Chief of the Army, Kristoffersen has made sure the buildup of the land defense in Finnmark has taken place faster than planned”, Bakke-Jensen says.

Kristoffersen says he will continue developing the Armed Forces along the same track as current Chief of Defense Håkon Bruun-Hansen and thanks him for his efforts.

“We see a more uncertain world, and the Armed Forces must continually adapt to face new security policy challenges”, Kristoffersen says.


This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by HNN's Elisabeth Bergquist.



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