Newsletter: The Difficult Relationship with Russia

Graf som viser utviklingen i prisen på naturgass
The price on Norwegian gas has skyrocketed since May this year. (Source: Trading Economics)

Norwegian fishermen in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea are worried about Russian military exercises in the High North. They fear for their own safety and ask Norwegian authorities to take the situation seriously

This is a new part of the story about how military re-armament in the High North leaves its mark on everyday life of us who live here. About business and a people that have to factor inn military and political big power rivalry.

The EU is also worried and in its new Arctic policy, the union warns about threats that threaten the traditional stability in the Arctic.

There are also other sectors of northern enterprise that concern themselves with the relationship to Russia. Norwegian industry companies tell High North News about how Norwegian travel restrictions hamper trade between Norway and Russia. this applies both to fisheries equipment, the maritime sector, and the energy sector. (Norwegian only)

My own Friday commentary this week is also about the energy market, and about Europe finding itself in the middle of an energy crisis. Leading energy experts argue that some of the solution lies in opening up for more gas import from exactly Russia. However, it is not just about prices. The energy market, too, is ruled by big power politics.

Producing food for the world market when your company is located off the beaten track is challenging. The demand for salmon is high, yet the road to the market is anything but simple. (Norwegian only)

In Norway’s Arctic capital, Longyearbyen in Svalbard, population figures increase while the number of children is dropping. That is usually a bad sign for Arctic family communities.

International cooperation between Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands is reinforced. The goal is more autonomy in foreign and defense politics.

I also include the latest happy news from the outgoing Norwegian government, which just before leaving office opens its treasure chest for a major international initiative in the High North: Andøya Space.

The High North News' editorial staff and myself wish you all the best for the upcoming weekend!
Arne O. Holm
Editor-in-Chief, High North News