Danish Coast Guard Officers Traded Booze For Narwhale Teeth

The Danish defense has issed fines to three high-ranking officers onboard the coast guard inspection vessel Lauge Koch, according to KNR.

Two out of the three were fined for trading tax-free cigarettes and alcohol bought onboard the vessel for three narwhale teeth while in Ittoqqortoormiit. Depending on size and look, narwhale teeth can be sold for thousands of kroner.

A third person on board was fined for having hunted and shot a musk ox in a national park in northeastern Greenland. The musk ox was later eaten onboard. Hunting in the national park is illegal, according to Greenlandic legislation. In addition, the Chief Officer of the ship has been fined for not reporting the illegal musk ox hunt to Greenlandic authorities.

All officers have accepted their fines.