Cyber Attack in Greenland

Greenland’s self-rule authorities have been subject to a massive cyber attack during the past week and have suffered under extensive data problems, according to Sermitsiaq.

Greenland’s Premier Mute B. Egede says the data problems are the consequence of a targeted cyber attack aiming to spy and gather information. The security breach in the computer systems was discovered on 25 March.

All the meetings of Greenland’s parliament Inatsisartut this week were postponed, the self-rule government Naalakkersuisut has not been able to communicate digitally in or out, and several municipalities have also been hit which, in turn, has had consequences for the paying out of social benefits to citizens.

Yesterday, the Naalakkersuisut reported that 90 percent of its IT systems were up and running again, with the remaining 10 percent expected to come up during the remainder of the day.