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Arne O. Holm og bobilen. (Foto: Martin Losvik)
The High North Tour 2021 is underway, a journey for and about Arctic people. Follow Arne O. Holm on the road to the north! (Photo: Martin Losvik).
Dear HNN reader! On Monday, we let the cat out of the bag: The High North Tour 2021 is ON! After a year of desktop journalism, enough was enough. Our Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm has hit the road and now reports directly from people he meets in the North, from his mobile pandemic office on wheels.

There have already been quite a few meetings for our editor-in-chief. While on the road, he has so far met with entrepreneurs struggling through the pandemic without being eligible for support, and the fish industry struggling with stigmatization and time.

More is coming up!

Merethe Winther, Han Sylte. (Foto: Arne O. Holm)
Merethe Winther, Han Sylte. (Foto: Arne O. Holm)
It felt like Easter when Arne O. Holm met Mathilde Winther in Valnesfjord. (Photo: Arne O. Holm)

This week, we offer two video stories. In the first one, we meet entrepreneur Mathilde Winther of the Han Sylte company.

She has a lot to say about both the lack of support and the silence during the pandemic: “It was urgent for months!”

Live from Vesterålen, Northern Norway

The second video story is from the traditional fish company Gunnar Klo and its facilities in the hamlet of Stø in the Vesterålen region, Northern Norway.

Leif Godvik
Leif Godvik er formann på fiskemottaket til Gunnar Klo på Stø i Vesterålen. (Foto: Arne O. Holm)
Leif Godvik is foreman at the Gunnar Klo company in Stø, Northern Norway. Right now, they are receiving landings of skrei from off the Vesterålen coast. (Photo: Arne O. Holm)

We spoke with plant foreman Leif Godvik, who tells it like it is: “I find that very provoking.”

You can see the tour introduction by our very own editor-in-chief here.

A liberated journalist

For who could know that we, through letting a home-office-chained journalist loose on the High North in a mobile motorhome office, we were to create an engagement so strong we have never seen anything like it?

Letting a journalist loose in the High North after one year of digital hibernation can be compared to letting a two-year old loose in a toy store”, says Arne O. Holm.

We encourage you, dear reader, to join the adventure that High North News has set out on. Tip us – and perhaps Holm and his mobile home office will come visiting you.

Must strengthen trust

While Holm has hit the road, the rest of the editorial staff works from home and follows international security politics closely. In particular the US bombers currently deployed in Norway.

Hedda Bryn Langemyr i Utsyn. (Foto Trine Jonassen)
Hedda Bryn Langemyr i Utsyn i debatt om nordområdene på Arendalsuka 2018. (Foto: Trine Jonassen)
Hedda Bryn Langemyr is Manager of Utsyn. (Photo: Trine Jonassen)

The fact that the Norwegian Minister of Defense has appeared in the two most recent dialogue meetings organized by Utsyn is interpreted by Utsyn Manager Hedda Bryn Langemyr as a sign that the trust between authorities and the civilian population must be strengthened.

Climate issues for shipping?

A Russian freight ship is currently in drydock in France for repair following its being damaged during a voyage without icebreaker escort along the Northern Sea Route. There are speculations that the ship may have hit an ice ridge during its voyage.

All this, and a whole lot more, you will find in High North News this week. Feel free to share with others!

All the best for the weekend!
Trine Jonassen,
News Editor, High North News