Canadian Inuit Get Common Written Language

At the last annual assembly of the ITK, Canada’s national organisation for Inuit, a new and joint written language for all Inuit of the country was adopted, according to KNR.

This means that all Inuit will be able to read the same written language. It has taken a group of language experts eight years to work out the new written language in collaboration with elders, school teachers and other Inuktitut language experts.

The new written language is based on the Latin alphabet, which is also used for writing modern Greenlandic language.

- This is a defining step to enhance the Inuktut language all over Inuit Nunangat. It is also a defining step for our self rule, as the old ways of writing were created during the period of colonialism, says Natan Obed, ITK President, according to KNR.