Canada Bans Pleasure Crafts in Arctic Coastal Waters

After having banned cruiset traffic in the Arctic for the 2020 season, now  most pleasure craft have also been banned from operating within Canada’s Arctic coastal waters (north of the 60th parallel), as well as in the coastal areas of northern Quebec and Labrador, according to Nunatsiaq News.

Transport Canada defines pleasure craft as a boat, ship or any other watercraft that is used exclusively for pleasure and does not carry passengers or goods for payment. Canoes, kayaks, sailboats and motorboats are included in this definition.

These measures will remain in place until “at least” Oct. 31.

The restrictions do not apply to foreign pleasure craft exercising their “right of innocent passage” through Canada’s Arctic territorial waters However, individuals travelling aboard these vessels will be required to notify the minister of transport 60 days before arriving in Arctic waters and “may be subject to conditions,” Transport Canada said.