Budget of French Polar Institute Supplemented With 3 Million Euros in 2023

The French National Assembly committee decided on an amendment to increase the French Polar Institute's operating budget by 3 million euros in 2023.

On Wednesday 2 November, France's Minister of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation Sylvie Retaileau gave her support for the French Polar Institute and all polar research. This is revealed in a press release from the French Polar Institute.

Without an increase in the public subsidy to the French Polar Institute from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, the institute was preparing to decrease its activities.

The funding will come from the compensation fund set up by the government to help research organizations and higher education and research institutions cope with the increase in their energy consumption. This will enable the institute to carry out its tasks of logistical support, maintenance of buildings under operational conditions, and supply of equipment and means of transport to polar stations and shelters in the service of French scientific research.