The Arctic is Warming Faster Than Anywhere Else on The Planet

As the effects of global warming are felt around the world, nowhere is experiencing such drastic changes as the Far North. Scientists estimate that the Arctic is warming two to three times quicker than any other place on Earth. In Under Thin Ice, a documentary from The Nature of Things, extreme diver and underwater explorer Jill Heinerth travels to Greenland and Canada’s Far North to document what’s happening both above and below the Arctic’s quickly disappearing ice.

“The Arctic is changing faster than anywhere else on the planet. And it’s really evident here,” says Heinerth to CBC News.

Some models predict that as the Arctic warms, a single stronghold of ice will remain the longest: the Last Ice Area. Located just off the tip of Nunavut and northern Greenland, it could act as a crucial but concentrated future habitat for species that require ice for survival. But even then, the Arctic’s vast and unique ecosystem would be a tiny fraction of its former glory — and ultimately, the Last Ice Area is not immune to climate change.

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