47 Evacuated in Greenland

Windows were broken in several homes during a piteraq in Tasiilaq, Greenland, on the night of Sunday. A total of 47 residents were evacuated. That is reported by Sermitsiaq.

Piteraq is a gravity-driven wind in Greenland, which blows down from the high ice plateaus and down towards the east coast. Material damage to homes and boats is also reported.

The wind is icy cold and strong, typical wind speed is 50–80 m/s. These winds can do great damage, and in Greenlandic piteraq means "that which attacks you". The Danish Meteorological Institute had warned of wind gusts of up to 50 m/s on Sunday.

The evacuees were gathered in the city's community center and with family, the Greenland police say. There have been no reports of personal injury.