Lavrov Expects Cold Period to be Long

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expects that the period of cold relations between Russia and the United States will be long.

– It will be long, and not just because solving the Ukrainian crisis will take some time and everyone will have to think about joining efforts in a constructive manner and not about unilateral sanctions,” he said yesterday, according to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Lavrov added that it will take time for the US government “to review their place in the world, to gain an insight into the events of the recent decades, to understand that there is no alternative to a polycentric world and to new centers of economic, financial and political clout”.

– But this process is already under way, Lavrov says.

The relationship between the two countries have deteriorated significantly since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis. Over the last months EU and the United States and its allies have introduced several rounds of economic sanctions against Russia. Moscow responded by implementing a one-year ban on certain food imports.

Lavrov also said yesterday that the United States is continuing its attempts to use the situation in Ukraine “to put Russia in its place”.

 – No matter what Russia does, these attempts won’t stop regardless because it is not their main goal to reach a settlement in Ukraine, but to use Ukraine as an irritant in relations between Russia and Europe to put Russia in its place.

– All of these attempt are illusory, says the Russian Foreign Minister.

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