The Arctic Institute Prepares for Arctic Business 2014

Slik arbeidsmarkedet utvikler seg i andre deler av landet - vil det være store muligheter for å rekruttere kompetent arbeidskraft til Nordland, skriver kronikkforfatter Kjell Hugvik, fylkesdirektør i NAV Nordland. Her et foto fra fylkeshovedstaden Bodø.

The Arctic Institute announced a new partnership with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association yesterday.  The partnership appears in preparation for the upcoming Arctic Business 2014 Conference in Bodø, Norway from October 8th through 10th 2014. 

The collaboration between the two organizations marks another effort by The Arctic Institute to further help establish itself as a provider of consultancy and research services.

The conference will feature executive workshops, industry sessions, and the inaugural meeting of the Arctic Business Council. 

The Arctic Business Council is comprised of leaders from Arctic and international businesses from industries with a vested interest in the Arctic, such as oil and gas, seafood, marine and maritime. 

Bodø, Norway is a prime location for the conference as it is seen as the gateway to Arctic business since it provides a developing business community with solid ties to several industries.

To help support the Arctic Business 2014 Conference, The Arctic Institute will provide detailed data and content on current events in the Arctic, as well as information on existing and anticipated projects in the area. 

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association plans to address business prospects in the Arctic area while recognizing potential barriers to such growth at the conference.

The announcement came yesterday via The Arctic Institutes webpage.