Mer industriplast i Arktis

Det finnes rester av plast i nesten alle sjøfugler i Arktis, har forskere funnet, og det er ikke bare plast fra nærområdene. CBC Canada skriver:

Canadian researchers have known for years that High Arctic seabirds ingest plastic garbage, but one scientist says her recent work suggests a steady increase in the amount of plastic showing up in the birds' guts. “Eighty-seven per cent of our birds in Arctic Canada have ingested plastics of some sort. That’s similar to areas across the North Atlantic," says Jennifer Provencher, a PhD research student at Carleton University in Ottawa. "The Arctic is still thought of as a bit cleaner, a bit less polluted, but we’re still seeing high levels.” Provencher says she has found both user plastics and industrial plastics from further away than local communities.



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