Vil samarbeide mer med Island

Reykjavik vil ikke lenger få juletre tilsendt fra Oslo. Det vil koste for mye og er miljømessig upassende. Likevel understreker Oslo-ordfører Fabian Stang at samarbeidet mellom de to byene må fortsette.

Iceland Review skriver:

Mayor Stang notes in his letter that when Oslo first started giving Reykjavík a fir tree at Christmas, some 60 years ago, it was not least because large fir trees were very hard to find growing in or around Reykjavík.

“But now fir trees grow in Iceland and when changes take place in one area it can be wise to see whether changes for the better can be made in other areas as well,” Stang writes.

He says he has asked Jón Gnarr to investigate whether the Christmas tree could be felled in Iceland, possibly from a forest which was planted in co-operation with Norway.