Diskuterer arktisk arkitektur

Danske boligblokker fra 1960-tallet ble mønsteret da Grønlands byer skulle moderniseres. Nå diskuteres hvordan arkitekter kan bidra til boligbygging som bedre kan imøtekomme de særskilte behovene i nordområdene.

The Arctic Journal skriver:

Urban planners, architects and public officials are gathered in Greenland’s second largest city this week to discuss approaches to urbanisation in the Arctic. They are being told that in the Arctic moderinism should be made a thing of the past. Development in the Arctic has in large part been dictated by the needs and ideas of those living outside the region.

Much of that development, however, was ill-suited to the environmental and social demands of the region, planners say. With the increasing political and economic interest in the region, they are argue that it is necessary to take another look at the direction of the region’s development and pursue what they say are more rational approaches to growth.