Greenland’s Minister of Raw Materials Welcomes Mining, Not Uranium

Greenland’s new Minister of Raw Materials Naaja H. Nathanielsen plans to present a proposal to parliament, the Inatsisartut, regarding a zero tolerance policy towards radioactive materials, according to KNR. The proposed Kuannersuit (Kvanefjeld) mining project has triggered the proposal.

Greenland’s Inatsisartut lifted its zero-tolerance policy on uranium extraction in 2013, which paved the way for the extraction of rare minerals, with uranium as a by-product, in the Kuannersuit mining project. Now, however, the zero tolerance may be on its way back.

“We welcome investors and want to develop project benefiting the population and society”, Nathanielsen says and is clear that her party, the IA, does not oppose mining in general, just uranium.