Corona Virus May Have Entered the Arctic

Two persons from a Chinese family have arrived to northern Finland from Wuhan, China by way of a transit in Norway, according to Finnish TV, says Norwegian broadcaster NRK. There is suspicion that the two are infected with the corona virus, which has killed 26 people so far. Another 830 cases of disease have been documented, Chinese authorities confirm. 

"Tests from the two will be taken Friday morning", says Chief of Infectious Diseases Markku Broas at Lapland Central Hospital in Rovaniemi to YLE. The Chinese tourists have been to Lapland for a couple of days and sought medical assistance in Ivalo.

Broas says the tourists traveled via Norway to Finland on their arrival. They came from Wuhan, where the new corona virus has its source. He further says to Finnish news agency STT that the two most likely suffer from a different disease and argues that the Finns need not worry.