Future Arctic Leaders, Ottawa, Canada, Arctic Council. Siri Beate Arntzen and Lena Fjellvang. Photo: Arne O. Holm
Siri Beate Artnzen and Lena Fjellvang photographed in front of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, last week. (Photo: Arne O. Holm)

Visions of the Future Arctic Leaders: This is What They Told the Arctic Council

What do Siri Beate Arntzen, Lena Fjellvang, Marion Aslaksen Ravna and Andreas Østhagen have in common? They all attended the Arctic Council’s workshop in Ottawa, Canada, last week – and they all have strong opinions on the future of the Arctic.

Last week young future arctic leaders were gathered in Ottawa for a workshop. (Article in Norwegian) The occation was the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, and the young leaders met in Canada to discuss and share their vision for the future of the Arctic. 

The Norwegian participants, Andreas Østhagen, Siri Beate Arntzen, Lena Fjellvang and Marion Aslaksen Ravna were all presenting a paper, and here they are:

Developing the “North”? The Implications of Generalization (Andreas Østhagen)

Our Future in the Sea (Lena Fjellvang)

Indigenous Rights in the Arctic -an uncertain situation (Marion Aslaksen Ravna)

Building Attractice and Sustainable Communities (Siri Beate Arntzen)



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