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Ruby production runs at full speed at the facilities of Greenland Ruby, owned by Norwegian LNS. However, there is a lot of work to do from extraction inside the mine and until polished and ready-made rubies are presented. (Photo: Anders Bergvik, Rana Gruber and TNG)

Greenland Rubies for NOK 200-300 Million Annually

07/11/2017 kl 09:41 1 kommentar

LNS Greenland estimates a ruby turnover of NOK 200-300 million next year.

From the left: Frode  Nilsen, Managing Director of Leonhard Nilsen & Sons, Kim Kielsen, Chairman of Greeland’s self-rule government, and Hayley Henning, Director of Sales and Marketing of Greenland Ruby, pictured during the official opening of the mine. (Photo: LNS)

North Norwegian Corporation has Opened Ruby Mine on Greenland

22/05/2017 kl 11:52 0 kommentarer

It has taken 300 million NOK and a lot of waiting. But now the Greenland ruby mine of Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner has finally become real.

Ore from the ruby mine is split up before ending up in the laboratory, where the stones are cleansed, sorted and classified. An arduous process. (Photo: LNS Greenland)

LNS: International Ruby Launch This Summer

06/03/2017 kl 09:49 0 kommentarer

– We have started sorting and cleansing the rubies in Greenland, and we aim at an international launch of the gemstones this summer.

- LNS Greenland is soon ready to present the first rubies following the company's taking over the entire mine in Aappaluttoq, Greenland, says Gunnar Moe, Chairman of the board. The picture is from the remodeling of the processing plant. (Photo: Anders Bergvik, Rana Gruber)

LNS soon ready with rubies from Greenland

14/02/2017 kl 17:36 0 kommentarer

– Everything should be up and running within a month. The processing plant works according to plan for LNS Greenland, says Gunnar Moe, Chairman of the Board.

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