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Large marine mammals accumulate persistent organic pollutants in their fat tissue, posing a dangerous health risk for subsistence-based Arctic communities. (Photo: pxhere)

Banned Toxic Chemicals Finally Decreasing in Arctic Wildlife

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New research brings hope for global action on pollution. A recent study shows that persistent organic pollutants are finally disappearing from the Arctic, two decades after outlawing their use.

Torbjørn Pedersen
Torbjørn Pedersen is Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Nord University.

The High North Assumes A Life of Its Own

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The original drivers for the Norwegian High North policy initiative have more or less vanished; however, a recent study shows that “Norway’s key strategic area of interest” is maintaining itself.

On 13 August, Karin Berentsen signed the agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA). Here photographed with Terje Handeland of Validé, technology transferer for the ESA in Norway. (Photo: Hilde Garlid, Validé)

The European Space Agency Believes in Karin’s Unique Mapping Tool

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Can climate risk be transferred into something that one can measure? The weather gets warmer, wetter and wilder. Thanks to a recent agreement with the European Space Agency, Karin Berentsen can soon present her new and interactive mapping tool, which may be of great help in visualizing future projects’ footprint and climate risk.

The staff of the CER-ARCTIC research centre in Barcelona, which focuses on comparative studies involving the Arctic. (Left to Right) Melody B. Burkins, Dartmouth College, USA; Rune Fjellheim, Sámi Parliament, Norway; Níels Einarsson, Stefansson Arctic Institute, Iceland; Françoise Breton, CER-ARCTIC of UAB, Spain; Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, University of Iceland; Marta Sobrido-Prieto, University of A Coruña, Spain.

Comparing the Arctic and the Mediterranean

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Researchers at a new Arctic research institute in Spain conduct comparative studies between the Arctic and other regions.

The Swedish icebreaker Oden on its way to the North Pole in August 2018. (Photo: Alfred-Wegener-Institut / Mario Hoppmann,

Icebreaker encounters most difficult ice conditions in 15 years

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A Swedish icebreaker on the way to the North Pole has encountered heavy ice conditions and had to stop just before the North Pole.

Director of the High North Center, Frode Mellemvik (right), was excited to present the AlaskaNor project during an event at the Arendal Week together with (from the left) Erin Robertson of the American Embassy in Oslo, Nordland County Councilor Tomas Norvoll and State Secretary of the Norwegian MFA Audun Halvorsen. (Photo: Courtesy of the HNC)

Norwegian-American Collaboration on Blue Growth

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The High North Centre for Business and Governance (HNC) at Nord University, Bodø/Norway, and the Institute of the North in Alaska are now commencing a three-year project called AlaskaNor.

From the left; marine researcher Jan H. Sundet, skipper Kjell Endresen and expedition manager and researcher Ann Merete Hjelset, who are currently on an expedition to map the prevalence of snow crab in the Barents Sea. (Photo: Courtesy of the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research/Gunnar Sætra)

First Norwegian Snow Crab Mapping

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The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research is currently conducting the first mapping of snow crab in the fisheries protection zone near Svalbard.

Severomorsk, Russia (April 15, 2011) Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead tours the Russian Northern Fleet with Vice Adm. Andrey Olgertovich Volozhinsky, acting commander of the Russian Northern Fleet in Severomorsk, Russia. (Photo: US Navy/Wikimedia Commons)

Areas of (no) conflict in the Arctic

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Resources and boundary disputes are no longer issues of serious contention in Arctic affairs. But global deterrence, local accidents and incidents, societal polarizations, and access to Arctic regions for scientific purposes could hold conflict potential.

Bjørn Olsen and Frode Mellemvik
Bjørn Olsen is Rector at Nord University and Frode Mellemvik is Director of the High North Center for Business and Governance, Nord University.

Op-ed: High North Growth Requires New Knowledge, International Cooperation and Dialogue

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The High North abounds in resources that may provide the basis for enormous wealth creation. However, we need new knowledge in order to profit from this potential. This knowledge would be relevant to all Arctic nations as well as many others. But how can we develop it?

The North Pole just surged above freezing in the dead of winter, stunning scientists

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The sun won’t rise at the North Pole until March 20, and it’s close to the coldest time of year, but an extraordinary and possibly historic thaw swelled over the tip of the planet this weekend.

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