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Icebreaker Arktika at the launch in June 2016. (Source: Baltic Shipyard)

New icebreakers further expand Russia’s access to Arctic

04/09/2017 kl 14:24 1 kommentar

Nuclear icebreaker Sibir (Siberia) will be floated out at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg on September 22. It will become the second vessel of the LK-60Ya class following the launch of Arktika (Arctic) in June 2016. A third icebreaker Ural is expected to follow next year under the contract with FSUE Rosatomflot.

Sovcomflot’s ice-capable LNG carrier Christophe de Margerie.
(Source: Courtesy of Sovcomflot)

A new era of shipping traffic on the Northern Sea Route

23/08/2017 kl 09:23 0 kommentarer

After nearly a decade of limited growth, the Northern Sea Route (NSR) is set to experience a significant expansion of cargo volume over the coming years.

The world’s largest icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy (50 Years of Victory) - the last of the Arktika-class of nuclear icebreakers - launched in 2007.
(Source: Courtesy of Rosatomflot)

Russia looking to add additional nuclear icebreaker capacity

27/02/2017 kl 11:06 0 kommentarer

Russia is aiming to add three more nuclear icebreakers, two LK-60Ya-class and one LK-100Ya-class, in addition to the three LK-60Ya-class currently under construction, announced Stanislav Golovinsky, Deputy General Director for Development and head the Atomflot branch in Moscow at The Arctic-2017 conference in Moscow.

Kapitan Dranitsyn and Admiral Makarov in the East Siberian Sea
(Picture: Courtesy of The Siberian Times)

Winter navigation on Northern Sea Route remains challenging

07/02/2017 kl 12:40 1 kommentar

During the months of December and January the Northern Sea Route (NSR) saw two convoys travel along the route. A westbound convoy reached its destination in the Kara Sea without incident.

Shipping Traffic on Northern Sea Route Grows by 30 Percent

Shipping Traffic on Northern Sea Route Grows by 30 Percent

23/01/2017 kl 11:05 3 kommentarer

Shipping traffic in Russia’s Arctic waters along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) continued to grow in 2016. Cargo volume on the NSR increased by 33 percent.

An icebreaker from Rosatomflot escorts a vessel through icy areas along the Northern Sea Route. (Photo: Rosatomflot)

Northern Norway and South Korea join efforts about the Northern Sea Route

23/01/2017 kl 08:42 0 kommentarer

How realistic is it to envision commercial traffic through the Northern Sea Route?

The ice breakers Kapitan Dranitsyn and Admiral Makarov had sailed from Arkhangelsk to Pevek when they were marooned in sea ice off the Pevek coast in North East Siberia. (Map: Google)

Russian ice breakers stuck in sea ice

18/01/2017 kl 14:42 0 kommentarer

The two Russian ice breakers Kapitan Dranitsyn and Admiral Makarov are trapped in thick ice about 24 nautical miles (approximately 45 km) off the coast of Pevek on the East Siberian Sea.

Fait accompli; For Asians, Arctic shipping already a “reality”

Fait accompli; For Asians, Arctic shipping already a “reality”

14/10/2016 kl 13:02 0 kommentarer

As Western firms wait for Arctic shipping to show its worth, Asian countries are already betting on the emergence of an Arctic economic rim.

Sea ice Svalbard, Arctic ocean.
Photo: Peter Prokosch/

Arctic Sea Ice Dodges Bullet – Still Ties 2007 for 2nd Lowest Extent

20/09/2016 kl 13:20 0 kommentarer

While many unknowns loom over the future of the Arctic, the setting or matching of record low ice extents continues to occur with unfortunate regularity and this year is no exception. With 4.14 million km2 ice extent 2016 is in a virtual tie with 2007 for the second-lowest extent on record, only behind 2012.

NS 50 "Let Pobedy" near Franz Josef Land during Summer 2015
(Source: Christopher Michel)

Arctic Shipping on the Northern Sea Route in Deep Freeze?

01/06/2016 kl 07:52 0 kommentarer

Economic factors, such as reduced bunker fuel prices and slowing demand for commodities, are the primary reasons for reduced shipping traffic along Russia’s Northern Sea Route, according to research presented by Arctic shipping experts at Bodø’s High North Dialogue conference. Higher amounts of summer sea ice during 2014 and 2015, on the other hand, only play a minor role. What does this mean for the future prospects of Arctic shipping?

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