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Icebreaker Arktika at the launch in June 2016. (Source: Baltic Shipyard)

New icebreakers further expand Russia’s access to Arctic

04/09/2017 kl 14:24 1 kommentar

Nuclear icebreaker Sibir (Siberia) will be floated out at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg on September 22. It will become the second vessel of the LK-60Ya class following the launch of Arktika (Arctic) in June 2016. A third icebreaker Ural is expected to follow next year under the contract with FSUE Rosatomflot.

Central administrative and residential complex of the “Arkticheskiy Trilistnik” or Arctic Trefoil base
(Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation)

Russia lifts veil on new Arctic military base, but secrets remain

05/05/2017 kl 11:29 2 kommentarer

While Russian officials frequently cite the need to defend the country’s interest in the Arctic, Arctic experts see a number of underlying objectives for the expansion of military assets.

The Russian nuclear powered ship 50 Let Probedy (50 Years of Victory) is currently the world’s largest icebreaker. (Photo: Rosatomflot)

Expert: No icebreaker race with Russia in the Arctic

15/03/2017 kl 12:24 11 kommentarer

Russia’s superior icebreaker fleet rarely goes unmentioned in Arctic discussions in Washington, DC. But US policymakers may have bigger problems to worry about in the Arctic.

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