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Greenland’s Reconciliation Commission has submitted its final report and points out that a significant number of people in Greenland still suffer the consequences from the colonial era. (Photo: the Reconciliation Commission)

Abuse and Colony Era Still Marks Greenlanders

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Consequences from the colonial era still mark a majority of the population and there has been widespread abuse, according to Greenland’s Reconciliation Commission. It recently submitted its report following three years’ work.

Greenland’s Self-Rule authorities want to pick up pace in the constitution drafting process. (Illustration/Photo: Pixabay).

Greenland Picks Up Draft Constitution Pace

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Greenland now sees plans to have a constitution draft ready by the end of 2018 – and a full-time leader of the Constitution-drafting Committee.

The new hybrid vessels from Hurtigruten, MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen, will bring guests from around the world closer to nature using green technology. The vessels are presently being built at Kleven shipyards in Ulsteinvik, Norway and will be the world’s first expedition cruise ships with batteri packs and hybrid fuel. (Photo: Hurtigruten)

Hurtigruten First To Use Hybrid-Fueled Expedition Vessels

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MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen will be the world’s first hybrid-fueled expedition cruise ships when they start sailing along the Norwegian coast in the summer of 2019.

Residents of Qaanaaq, Greenland, provide information about local conditions during the commission’s 2016 visit (Photo: Kuupik Kleist)

Inuit ready to push for cross-border management to protect their ‘Great Upwelling’

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Inuit representatives in Nunavut and Greenland have assembled the argumentation they believe will lay the foundation for the establishment of an Inuit-managed protected area in the culturally significant waters between the two jurisdictions.

People in Greenland are upset that the Constitutional Commission’s leader, Vivian Motzfeldt (Siumut) gets an official residence in Nuuk, and that the commission members may receive remuneration for their work. (Photo: Mats Bjerde/ and Siumut)

Constitutional Commission Upsets Greenland

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The commission that is to write a proposed constitution for Greenland has caused widespread and angered debate on the island.

Paul Quassa receives congratulations from his political counterpart Cathy Towtongie. (Photo: Marc Jacobsen)

Nunavut’s new Premier is Inuk with capital I

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Paul Quassa (65) was born in an igloo close to the town of Igloolik. He is an Inuk with capital I, who has played a key role in the development of Nunavut.

Greenland struggles with a significant alcohol problem, however, restricting legislation does not come without entrenched discussions. (Illustration: Pixabay)

Intense Alcohol Debate on Greenland

07/11/2017 kl 14:11 1 kommentar

A proposed new Act on stronger regulation of the alcohol sale on Greenland causes entrenched debate. The Parliament will decide on Thursday whether or not to adopt new legislation.

The grocery store in Nuugaatsiaq shows evidence of the force of the wave (Photo: Herman Fritz/Georgia Institute of Technology)

Major donation for Greenland’s displaced tsunami victims

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Residents of two Greenlandic settlements obliterated by a tsunami on June 17 will today receive a sizeable donation aimed at helping them re-establish themselves in new homes.

Ruby production runs at full speed at the facilities of Greenland Ruby, owned by Norwegian LNS. However, there is a lot of work to do from extraction inside the mine and until polished and ready-made rubies are presented. (Photo: Anders Bergvik, Rana Gruber and TNG)

Greenland Rubies for NOK 200-300 Million Annually

07/11/2017 kl 09:41 1 kommentar

LNS Greenland estimates a ruby turnover of NOK 200-300 million next year.

Gruveanlegg i Kirovsk, Russland. (Foto: Ingrid Bay-Larsen)

Mining in the Arctic – Insights from Russia, Greenland, and Norway

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– The local perspective on mining activities depends heavily on historical and cultural relations to mining, says Berit Skorstad, Professor at Nord University in Bodø.

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