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Greenland’s government supports ban on HFO

19/09/2018 kl 12:55 0 kommentarer

Greenland’s government has published a statement in which it supports a ban on the use and transport of heavy fuel oil (HFO) in the Arctic.

Head of the Danish intelligence services Lars Findsen warns Greenlands’s self-rule authorities against letting Chinese interests in on the construction of new airports. – Chinese enterprises will always think about what benefits China, Findsen says. (Photo: Danish Intelligence Services, map: Google Earth, east-west rotation)

Danish Intelligence: Beware of China

28/06/2018 kl 13:32 0 kommentarer

Danish intelligence services warns Greenland against letting China in on the construction of new airports.

Greenlandic EU-Brexit Initiative

28/06/2018 kl 10:12 0 kommentarer

Greenlands Self Rule Authorities fear loosing the right to custom-free fish export to Great Britain following Brexit.

English or Danish as primary foreign language for future pupils in Greenland – that is the question. (Photo of the children: Kitte Witting)

A Long Way to Go for English in Greenland

11/06/2018 kl 12:48 0 kommentarer

There is still a long way to go before English replaces Danish as primary foreign language in Greenland.

Clouds over Pyramiden, Svalbard (Photo: Mariusz Kluzniak)

Pollutants have significant effect on climate change in the Arctic

31/05/2018 kl 11:00 0 kommentarer

Pollution alters the previously underrated effects of clouds on climate change in the Arctic. In Greenland, clouds contribute to the melting of the ice sheet and lead to high societal costs.

Three new airports are planned on Greenland; in Nuuk (the capital), in Ilulissat (in the Disco Bay) and in Qaqortoq (the very south). The map has an east-west orientation. (Illustration: Google maps, illustration from Pixabay)

Intense Airport Debate in Greenland

30/05/2018 kl 12:12 0 kommentarer

The debate regarding Greenland’s plans for construction of three new airports rages on, with a decision scheduled for the fall of 2018.

Martin Breum
Martin Breum is a Danish journalist and writer, specializing in Arctic affairs.

Analysis: Hans Island – and the endless dispute over its sovereignty

28/05/2018 at 11:57 1 kommentar

I cannot imagine many purposes for which Hans Island, or Tartupaluk in Greenlandic, would be useful for a government at all, Martin Breum writes, after visiting the disputed island.

Minik Rosing is the man behind the idea of establishing a research hub in Greenland. High North News met him in Ilulissat for a talk about his visions for the hub, and the coming realization of the idea (Photo: Marc Jacobsen).

The Curious Case of Greenland’s Research Hub

25/05/2018 kl 11:00 0 kommentarer

Following years of talk about establishing a research hub in Greenland, the idea now appears to make some material progress.

Vivian Motzfeldt and Anders Samuelsen – Greenland’s and Denmark’s respective Ministers for Foreign Affairs – co-hosted the Ilulissat Declaration’s 10-year anniversary. It was Motzfeldt’s first international event in her new job, which she was appointed to last week. (Photo: Marc Jacobsen).

Greenland’s Foreign Minister: Arctic attention means a lot

25/05/2018 kl 09:05 0 kommentarer

High North News met Vivian Motzfeldt, Greenland’s Naalakkersuisoq (equivalent to Minister) for Foreign Affairs, for an exclusive interview in Ilulissat.

The two hosts, Vivian Motzfeldt and Anders Samuelsen, next to the commemorative plaque in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration. (Photo: Marc Jacobsen).

Ilulissat: Peace, scientific cooperation and Hans Island

24/05/2018 kl 13:21 0 kommentarer

The second day of the event marking the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration saw, peace, borders and scientific cooperation on the agenda.

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