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Vivian Motzfeldt and Anders Samuelsen – Greenland’s and Denmark’s respective Ministers for Foreign Affairs – co-hosted the Ilulissat Declaration’s 10-year anniversary. It was Motzfeldt’s first international event in her new job, which she was appointed to last week. (Photo: Marc Jacobsen).

Greenland’s Foreign Minister: Arctic attention means a lot

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High North News met Vivian Motzfeldt, Greenland’s Naalakkersuisoq (equivalent to Minister) for Foreign Affairs, for an exclusive interview in Ilulissat.

Christin Kristoffersen
Partner, Arctic Advocacy Group. Senior Affiliate, Conow.

Op-Ed: Historic Arctic Mayoral Declaration

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To save the world, we need new voices and new levels of governance.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy in Barrow, Alaska. (Photo: Petty Officer Prentice Danner/Flickr)

Environmental changes affect Arctic security

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Climate change in the Arctic has reinforced security concerns, from geopolitical issues to food security and human health. “People are talking about different things when they talk about the security part of the environment”, says Auður Ingólfsdóttir of Bifröst University in Iceland.

Construction of the “Arctic clover” administrative and housing complex, being built to develop the infrastructure of the Russian northern fleet in the Arctic on the Alexandra Land of the Franz Joseph Land archipelago. (Photo:

Op-Ed: The Unpredictable Russian Bear Flexes Its Muscles

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As Russia steps up its military activities in the Arctic, Cold War narratives have returned, Ph.D. candidate and research fellow Benjamin Schaller writes in this opinion editorial.

Jan-Gunnar Winther er godt fornøyd med Regjeringens nordområdemelding.

– Comparisons about a new Cold War isn´t reflecting today’s realities

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Jan-Gunnar Winther, Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute says the Arctic of today is an extraordinary stable region. Hence, comparisons about a new Cold War in the Arctic are not reflecting today’s realities.

President Vladimir Putin.
Photo: Presidential Press and Information Office -

– Mutual distrust could snowball tensions

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– The consequences of increasing mutual distrust is snowballing tensions and increasing military presence along Russia – European borders, says Ekaterina Klimenko, Researcher at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Kriserammede Sør-Varanger søkte om 120 millioner kroner til omstilling. (Foto: Linda Storholm)

Comment: Hands-on Arctic: making space for two thoughts at a time

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A Norwegian freelance investigative journalist recently suggested that a solid minority of people in Kirkenes (a town close to the Norwegian-Russian border where he had just attending a political/cultural regional conference) may have a problematically sympathetic stance when it comes to Russia. The explanation given for this stance was that border-area residents’ loyalties may be mixed because of their proximity to and engagement with Russia (perhaps also alluding to the many local Norwegian-Russian families that are a product of 20 years of region-building and border-crossing after the Cold War).

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