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Beate Steinveg conducts research on conferences focusing on the Arctic. Do they fill a function? (Photo: Bjørn Hatteng, University of Tromsø – Norway’s Arctic University)

Conferences About the Arctic – Do They Really Matter?

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The Arctic, or the High North, is the topic of an endless series of conferences. But do these conferences fill a role? Do they affect policies?

The gigantic Ocean Farm 1 salmon cage may easily resemble a petroleum industry installation; however, it is the result of sea-farming innovation. This installation came into operation recently near Frøya in Trøndelag, Norway. (Photo: SalMar)

– Salmon Louse is an Innovation Driver

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Biology plus technology equals aquaculture. Salmon louse is an innovation driver, however, more efforts and resources are needed, says Research Manager Leif Magne Sunde at SINTEF Ocean.

Norway was awarded the ‘Fossil of the Day’ award during the climate summit in Bonn. (Photo: Young Friends of the Earth Norway)

Norge tildelt antiklima-pris for oljeboring i Arktis

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Dagen før den norske staten må møte i retten for å forsvare avgjørelsen om å åpne for mer oljeboring i Arktis, ble Norge i går tildelt antiklima-prisen «Fossil of the day» under klimatoppmøtet i Bonn. – Vel fortjent, mener den norske miljøbevegelsen.

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