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The RV Polarstern (Polarstar) icebreaker in Arctic Ocean during summer 2017
(Source: Alfred Wegener Institute)

Arctic Sea Ice Recovers Slightly as it Reaches Annual Minimum

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Arctic sea ice extent reached an annual minimum of 4.64 million square kilometers on September 13th  according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado. This represents the eighth lowest extent in the 38-year satellite observation era and a slight increase over 2016 which recorded a low of 4.14 million km2.

As global warming increases air temperatures and changes rainfall patterns, for wildfires are increasing in both size and intensity,
 like illustrated from a fire in Alaska. (Credit: US Forest Service)

Fighting Fires Back with Knowledge in the Arctic  

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As global warming increases air temperatures and changes rainfall patterns, for wildfires are increasing in both size and intensity – but a group of researchers in the Arctic are fighting fire with knowledge.

As temperatures warm, moose in Alaska are moving north into the tundra. (Credit: Paxson Woelber)

Walruses and Moose Head North with Warming Arctic

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The polar bear might be the first wildlife image that comes to mind when you think of Arctic climate change. But recent events and new research show that the moose and Pacific Walrus may be better harbingers to the dramatic ecosystem impacts of a warming world. 

Shishmaref, Alaska (flickr/Bering Land Bridge National Preserve)

Female flight from Alaskan villages leads to social problems

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Arctic Alaska’s disproportional outmigration of women can lead to numerous social issues. “However, the birth rate is high enough to outweigh the net effects of migration. As a result, many of these places are still growing, even those most threatened by climate change”, Lawrence Hamilton of the University of New Hampshire explains.

Tiny pieces of plastic such as these are making their way into Arctic waters. Lab studies have found that microplastics harm fish reproduction and growth, and can release other persistent contaminants into ecosystems as they break down. (Photo: Flickr/Oregon State University)

Scientists Flag the Arctic’s New Chemical Threats

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Efforts to curb the flow of chemicals such as PCBs into Arctic waters have proven largely successful, but there’s a new wave of nasty substances to watch, warns the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program.

A frozen Bering Sea. (Photo: Crissi)

After 46 Years in Operation, an Uncertain Future for Alaska Sea Grant

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Earlier this week, President Donald Trump signed a sweeping Executive Order at the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the federal government’s role in setting and enforcing national climate change regulations. But this Executive Order is only the latest in a long line of incursions on climate change programming, science production, and federal funding.

Hammerfest LNG plant at Melkøya, Arctic Norway. (Photo: Harald Pettersen/Statoil)

Arctic gas production to increase due to climate policies

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Accumulated Arctic gas production will increase with 12 per cent in the period of 2015-2050 as a result of the implementation of the Paris agreement, according to a new report by Statistics Norway (SSB).

Helge M. Markusson
Works as Outreach Coordinator at The Fram Centre (FRAM High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment). Writer and active blogger. Former journalist of newspapers, radio and TV. Has also been involved in a series of smaller and bigger culture projects. Raised in Liland, Ofoten, living in Tromsø, Norway, since 2000. Is adamant that black dogs are prettier and that a proper bonfire under a pine tree contributes to a life worth living.

Commentary: Climate Changes – What’s going on?

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– To believe that climate change does not affect those of us who live in the North is equivalent to denying the actual existence of Elvis, Helge M. Markusson, Outreach Coordinator at The Fram Centre, writes in this commentary.

Brønnøy Kalk aims at conducting extraction and transportation of lime as environmentally friendly as possible. (Photo: Roar Berg Hansen)

Green operations prove profitable for the mining industry

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Brønnøy Kalk has extracted limestone for 20 years. Now the company takes new steps towards a greener future.

Shocked over current ice levels

Shocked over current ice levels

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Climate-related changes start to extend to other seasons. The pace of sea ice loss in the Arctic is accelerating and we are not recovering to the conditions of the 1980s. The ten lowest sea ice extents since measurements began were recorded in the last ten years.

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