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Apart from dozens of commercial vessels, two icebreakers the Admiral Makarov and the Captain Dranitsyn were also found in violation of the Rules of Navigation.
(Source: Courtesy of Rosatomflot and Wikimedia under CC BY 3.0)

Dozens of Vessels Violate Safety Rules on Northern Sea Route

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During the first ten months of 2017, the Russian Northern Sea Route (NSR) Administration recorded 88 violations of its Rules of Navigation committed by 84 vessels. This represents approximately 15-20% of all ships traveling the route this summer.

This picture is taken in April, 2014, when Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Natural Resources and Environment Minister Sergei Donskoi to discuss the application to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) to extend Russia’s continental shelf in the Arctic. (Photo:

Russia to Build Nature Protection Fleet  

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Sergei Donskoi, the Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, confirms that the program of the Arctic socioeconomic development includes construction of an environmental protection fleet after 2021.

Arne O. Holm (Translated by Elisabeth Bergquist)
Editor-in-Chief, High North News.

Editorial: Muscles are flexed in the Arctic – but they are not Norwegian

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Reykjavik: – The Arctic holds the highest suicide rate in the world, Tero Vauraste said. – We have to do something about that, he added. Most attendees were prepared for a lecture in financial accounting and about politicians hampering business growth in the High North.

Harald Dag Jølle
Polar historian, the Norwegian Polar Institute

Comment: The End of a Long Tradition

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Today, the vessel ‘Lance’ called at the port of Tromsø, Norway following its last research expedition for the Norwegian Polar Institute. That also marks the end of an era in Norwegian polar research.

Toxic rocket fuel in Arctic waters

Toxic rocket fuel in Arctic waters

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A recent study published by Michael and Cameron Byers exposes how old Russian satellite-carrying rockets – paid for by the European Space Agency – end up dumping highly toxic fuel in both the Norwegian side of the Barents Sea and Baffin Bay between Greenland and Canada.

Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner says Finland wants an Arctic railway. (Photo: Audun Braastad/Scanpix)

Finnish Transport Minister Confirms Rovaniemi – Kirkenes

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Finnish Transport and Communications Minister Anne Berner confirms survey of a railway line between Rovaniemi, Finland and Kirkenes, Norway. – International cooperation is key, she says.

Nature affected by climate change in Alaska; Harding Icefield and Exit glacier Alaska
(Credit: Henk Monster, via Wikimedia Commons)

Barriers and opportunities for climate change adaptation

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New research outlines barriers and opportunities to advance adaptation to climate change in the natural resource management and conservation sectors in different regions, including the Arctic.

One Doctor’s Fascination with the Human Body in Extreme Nature

One Doctor’s Fascination with the Human Body in Extreme Nature

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Doctor Erik Sveberg Dietrichs (32) is so fascinated by the human body’s reaction and endurance limit in extreme situations that he has written a book about it. His book ‘On the Edge of Life’ is about what happens with the body when we go to places where we should not go.

Comparing central cities with rural places in the Arctic North is a bit similar to comparing the situation in cities now and 25 years ago or more. (Illustration: flickr)

Lack of Telecommunications Stops Business in the Arctic

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The current telecommunication coverage and infrastructure in the Arctic is sparse and unreliable. – Companies cannot sustain their business, leaving small villages with only old people and with shrinking social service, says Senior researcher Rickard Nilsson at Luleå University of Technology (LTU)

Julia Olsen and Grete K. Hovelsrud
Nord University

Op-ed: When Longyearbyen Adapts to Increasing Ship Traffic

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The Arctic is changing and that affects our local communities. Changes to climate and ecosystems may create both opportunities and challenges to business and management. Reduction of sea ice makes coastal communities in the Arctic more available for ship traffic.  At the same time, we know too little about how this affects these communities.

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