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Karen Marie Oseland and Andreas Raspotnik
Karen Marie Oseland is a Research Intern at The Arctic Institute in Washington, DC. Andreas Raspotnik is a Senior Fellow at The Arctic Institute in Washington, DC and a Senior Researcher at the High North Center, Nord University, in Bodø.

OP-Ed: Moscow’s Arctic revenge

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It appeared doomed to a slow neglect, but the Arctic region is actually opening new opportunities for energy expansion for Russia, targeting untapped markets like South East Asia and the far East. 

Elana Wilson Rowe
Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), where she leads the research group on “Emerging Powers and Global Development”. Rowe is also an adjunct professor at the High North Centre for Business and Governance at Nord University, Bodø.

Op-Ed: Codeword China

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“What about China?” is a frequent utterance in brainstorming sessions in nearly all research fields from development politics to security, Elana Wilson Rowe writes.

- I am happy to see the polar bears enjoying it, photographer Tommy Dahl Markussen says with a smile. He is passionately concerned with light, nature and animals around Svalbard. (Photo: Tommy Dahl Markussen)

All-Encompassing Svalbard Photography for 20 Years

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Photographing is a major passion of Tommy Dahl Markussen. He refers to it as a hobby, but readily admits that it is more than that.

UK research vessel RRS James Clark Ross outside Kapp Tatteshall, Greenland (Photo: Sindre Skrede/Creative Commons)

The UK’s new Arctic policy: More explicit, but still conservative

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Although UK’s new Arctic policy framework supports the status quo, the strategy is more explicit when it comes to connecting Arctic interests to its broader foreign policy interests, as a part of ‘Global Britain’.

Nunavut Premier Quassa Loses Vote of No-Confidence

Nunavut Premier Quassa Loses Vote of No-Confidence

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Premier Quassa, for the first time in the history of Nunavut, lost a vote of no-confidence on Thursday and has been replaced by Joe Savikataaq.

Arne O. Holm
Arne O. Holm is Editor-in-Chief of High North News and a Special Advisor at the High North Centre for Business and Governance at Nord University Business School

Commentary: Donald Trump Rides Again

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There is not an increased risk of war in the Arctic. Very few believe that. But we have managed to maneuver ourselves into a situation where misunderstandings and lack of dialogue can create situations we never predicted – in the Arctic too, our Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm writes in this commentary.

Acquiring ownership of the Arctic, creating an overall marketing strategy and doing that with all feelings aboard has become a remarkable international success for the North Norwegian Opera and Symphony Orchestra. (Photo: Yngve Olsen Sæbbe/NOSO)

NOSO Built Strategic Success

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The North Norwegian Opera and Symphony Orchestra took ownership of its northern identity and used it to build itself as an Arctic brand. – That is how we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world, says NOSO Director Tor Lægreid.

The Ofoten Railway will become part of the EU’s transport corridor from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia. (Photo: David Gubler/Wikimedia Commons)

Port of Narvik and the Ofoten Railway to Become EU Corridor

08/06/2018 kl 10:53 0 kommentarer

The European Commission suggest prolonging one of Europe’s most important transport corridors to include Narvik in Northern Norway.

EALLU Winners with Arctic Council flag. (Photo Credit: International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (ICR))

Arctic indigenous cookbook wins Gourmand World Cookbook Award

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A food book written by indigenous youth won the main prize as “Best Food Book of the Year 2018”. The book is the first overview of the culinary world of Arctic indigenous peoples.

Martin Breum
Martin Breum is a Danish journalist and writer, specializing in Arctic affairs.

Analysis: Hans Island – and the endless dispute over its sovereignty

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I cannot imagine many purposes for which Hans Island, or Tartupaluk in Greenlandic, would be useful for a government at all, Martin Breum writes, after visiting the disputed island.

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