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To many inhabitants of Northern Norway it feels strange to refer to themselves as Arctic people. (Photo Credit: sharonang,

Arctic Expert explains the complexities of Norway’s High North politics

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“When formulating its High North politics, the Norwegian government has to respond to a multitude of different expectations”, says Geir Hønneland from the Fridtjof Nansen Institute.

Crystal Serenity sails waters off Antarctica. The ship is slated to sail the Northwest Passage in 2016 carrying nearly 1,700 passengers and crewmembers. (Photo: Crystal Cruises)

North-American Focus on Shipping in the Arctic

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The Arctic Shipping Forum North America takes place in Montreal, Canada in October/November 2017. This year the emphasis is on the Polar Code and what consequences its entering into force has for the shipping industry.

Liv Monica Stubholt (photo) and Anu Fredrikson
Stubholt is a partner of the Selmer DA law firm. Fredrikson is Director of the Arctic Economic Council

Op-ed: Business Takes Active Responsibility for Principles on Investments in the Arctic

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) presented the Arctic Protocol in 2015. The Protocol indicates principles for responsible investments in the Arctic, and an increasing number of business parties have later joined. The Arctic Protocol now has a new home in Tromsø, Norway, with the Secretariat of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC). The Protocol will set the tone for the future development of business in the High North.

Nadezda Nazarova
Postdoc at the High North Center, Nord university

Op-Ed: Feeling the Arctic as it is

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It is when you have to find a nice place for a tent overnight in -42C, the words “dark”, “cold” and “no infrastructure” get their meaning.

Tiina Sanila-Aikio, center, is president of the Finnish Saami Parliament. She is seen here in Trondheim, Norway, during this annual spring Traante celebrations. Sanila-Aikio is concerned about plans to build an Arctic railway that will cut through reindeer grazing grounds. (Photo: AFP/Ole Martin Wold/NTB scanpix Wold)

Proposed Arctic Railway Would Cut Through Lapland Reindeer Habitat

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A new railway project would help Finland and Norway take advantage of melting sea ice to ship products from the Arctic coast. But Indigenous communities fear the rail line would disrupt their reindeer herding traditions.

Hotels, such as the Hotel Avannaa in Greenland, are one example of some of the economic opportunities that Inuit businesses could profit from with the changing economic landscape in the region. (Credit: Patrick Rasenberg/Flickr)

Inuit Want Economic Organisation

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Various Inuit Organizations are looking to create a transnational economic organization that will benefit Inuit businesses and help increase Inuit influence in the world.

The US-Canada Arctic Science Diplomacy and Leadership Workshop & Model Arctic Council trained young leaders in how to negotiate Arctic issues. (Photo: Val Muzik)

Program on Arctic Science Diplomacy Develops Youth Leadership

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A program at Dartmouth College on science diplomacy and communication brought together the next generation of leaders to learn about current issues facing the Arctic—and how to negotiate them in the real world.

New Teambuilder at the Norwegian Polar Institute

New Teambuilder at the Norwegian Polar Institute

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Being a team builder is vital for Misund when taking up his new position at the Polar Institute.

Helen Campbell
EUs ambassadør til Norge.

Kronikk: EU og Arktis – Kultur for bærekraftig utvikling

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Kultur skaper ikke bare tilhørighet og samhold, men kan også være en viktig faktor for bærekraftig økonomisk utvikling i Arktis. EU samarbeider derfor tett med Norge og de andre arktiske landene, og støtter utviklingen av kreative næringer i regionen, skriver Helen Campbell, EUs ambassadør til Norge.

Thawing permafrost endangers cultural heritage and buildings on Svalbard. Researcher Anne-Cathrine Flyen of NIKU (the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) has investigated whether the Svalbard Governor’s efforts to prevent thawing around cultural heritage sites on Svalbard has worked. (Photo: NIKU/Flickr)

Climate Change Threatens Svalbard Houses

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Rot turns out to be a serious consequence of thawing permafrost on Svalbard, thus a direct consequence of climate changes in the Arctic.

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