Spielberg to film movie in the Fareos

The Faroe Islands will provide most of the scenery for a new Steven Spielberg movie based on the book “The Big Friendly Giant”, the newsletter from NORA writes.

Eight month ago representatives from DreamWorks pictures contacted Visit Faroe Islands with a request to visit the country. After their location scouting was completed, DreamWorks decided that the Faroes would provide the right scenery for the upcoming movie “The Big Friendly Giant”, Guðrið Højgaard, director of Visit Faroe Islands, says to kringvarp.fo.

The Faroe Islands will provide landscape pictures for the movie. Filming will take place later this year, and the movie is expected to premiere in 2016.

Several countries have managed to attract a great number of tourists as a result of providing scenery for big movies. Famous examples are New Zealand and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and more recently, Norway and Disney’s Frozen.

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