Russia to Receive 150 new Aircrafts and Helicopters

A spokeperson for the Russian Air Force says the country will receive more than 150 aircrafts and helicopters during 2015. The Air Force will also get cutting-edge radar stations.

This was reported by the Russian news agency Sputnik yesterday.

– In accordance with the state defense order for 2015 it is planned to deliver over 150 helicopters and airplanes to the air forces, Colonel Igor Klimov, a spokesperson for the Russian Air Force said.

The delivery will – amongst others – include bombers such as Sukhoi Su-34, multipurpose Su-30SM, Su-35S fighter jets, and attack helicopters.  The Air Force will also get cutting-edge radar stations, such as Nebo-M and Sopka.

According to Klimov the Russian Air Force will take part in a number of military exercises in 2015.

In October, Russia announced that an early warning radar station in western Kaliningrad Region would be put on full combat duty during December 2014. The move came after the United States – in May – announced the opening of a Patriot missile base in northern Poland, about 50 miles from the Kaliningrad Region.

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