Record number of passengers through Keflavík Airport

4.855.505 passengers passed through Keflavík Airport in 2015, or one million more than the previous year, representing more than a 25 percent increase, Iceland Review reports. 

According to predictions made by Isavia, the company which runs the airport, the number of passengers going through Keflavík Airport this year could reach 6.25 million.

Work is currently in progress to expand the size of the terminal building by 9.000 square meters this year, and 7000 additional ones in 2017.

Earlier reports from Isavia indicated that next summer about 1.000 additional people will need to be hired to service travelers at the airport.

Isavia has issued a statement, saying that the airport could receive 10 million passengers a year if the flights were spread out more evenly through the day. Right now, the busiest times are the ones Icelandair and WOW Air use to connect their Europe and North America flights.

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