Police Weapons Widely Debated in Iceland

The Icelandic police has spent over 120.000 USD in guns over the past ten years.

This was revealed in a reply to a request for information on Iceland’s stock of weapons and the carrying of them by police, by MP for the Left-Green Party, Katrín Jakobsdóttir.

This is reported by Iceland Review.

A document provided by the Ministry of the Interior shows that since 2004 Iceland purchased the following weapons, 85 Glock 17s, 42 MP5 submachine guns, 7 Blaser rifles, 6 HK G36 assault rifles, 2 Remington shotguns, 2 gas rifles and 1 Mossberg rifle.

Most of these guns are kept in Reykjavik, while the others are distributed around the country. Nineteen of the guns are kept in police cars, while the Icelandic Police’s Special Forces Unit has access to a larger variety of weapons.

Issues concerning weapons in Iceland have been widely debated in recent months after it was revealed, last year, that 250 MP5 submachine guns had been sent to the Icelandic Coast Guard from the Norwegian Armed Forces.

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