New Polar Literature

The Norwegian Skotte Forlag has recently published two new books about the Polar History.

The book “Polar Memories” deals with an almost forgotten profession; trapper life in Greenlandin a bygone era. Many people had this as their profession and livelihood for many decades.
100 years ago, Greenland had a vast and varied natural resources to offer, and hunters from Norway was the leaders in this activity.
The book “The Oil Pioneers at Spitzbergen” deals with the start og the oil boom of Norway in the late 1950s. Actually before the oil operations began in the North Sea. The world´s northernmost and Norway´s first oil drilling was begun in 1961 on Svalbard. This oilactivity attracted a lot of people and companies who would take part in this activity. This then led to the fact that Svalbard and Norwegian authorities became a part of the Cold War between the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union. The book tells the story of the people and companies who participated during this «Klondike time» at Svalbard.
The books are published in borth Norwegian and English editions.

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