Kjører tur/retur Nordpolen

Russeren Vasily Yelagin sier at han ønsket å bevise at han kunne skape et kjøretøy som kan kjøre hvor som helst i Arktis. “We have done it”, sier han til CBS News  , som skriver:

Yelagin, a geologist, is also a sailor, climber and decorated Master of Sports in the former USSR. He’s climbed Mount Everest and organized the Paris-Moscow-Beijing rally, among other adventures.

He was one of four Russians who dropped in on Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. yesterday in the final leg of an off-road journey that’s taken them fromNorilsk in Siberia over the pole to the Canadian Arctic.

The convoy reached the North Pole in April of 2013: the first unsupported vehicle expedition to do so.

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